December Newsletter

posted Nov 30, 2014, 3:47 PM by Luce Paradis
Here is excerpt from Achieving and Discovering section:

How to support literacy at home: Top 4 tips for parents


• Talk with your child about problems and solutions. Talk about how you might

manage day-to-day problems, such as finding time to make dinner, so that you will be

ready to watch a favourite TV show or go online together.

• Make sure your child has time to think. It sometimes takes time to think of what to say next. Be ready to wait for what your child has to say. If he or she says, “I don’t know what I think,” wait for a better answer – there’s one in there somewhere!

• Talk with your child in his or her first language. Children transfer their

knowledge of one language to another very well. Speaking in your first language will help your child with English and French and other languages as well. It will also give your child opportunities to learn more about his or her own cultural history.

• Ask questions that will lead your child to talk about his or her ideas.

Instead of telling your child something, try to ask a question that will lead your child to talk about what he or she thinks. For example, instead of telling your child how you are planning to celebrate a family event, ask for ideas about making a plan. (Be ready for creativity and to help your child follow through with the plan!)